About the Author

Mia is a twenty something living in Oregon, the heart of the Pacific Northwest. She’s a skin care obsessed, music loving goof that just wants to share her passions with the rest of the world (or at least her own, itty-bitty corner of the internet). She’s easily excited, but also a dedicated young woman focused on research and calling out the good and bad in the latest health-fad, driven to educate the benefits of diving into day by day routine maintenance of your skin and body, while being relatable and real.


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We all struggle with the wall, climbing over it, under it or smashing our heads against it until we can no longer remember why we started. It gets messy, but that’s what this little blog is here to support. Introducing wellness to create balance, with our supporting information based on research to make sure you know it’s going to work, and the help to make it stick with support from a community driven to be better. Ultimately, she’s here for you. Here to break down the complicated steps of introducing a new skin care item into your routine. Here to talk about diet sensitivities and how it can impact the other areas of your life. Here to share her own stories and actively listen to yours as well, by virtually connecting with all of you and your own stories through social media. Life is messy and it’s a little scary in the world right now. There’s a place where we can go to make ourselves feel stronger through it all though, and that’s Mia’s goal.


Remember, it’s a bumpy road – but there’s good in the world and happiness along the way.